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Gigi Goodall

Looking for the best lawyer in town? Cory has provided so many services to us over the years. He is meticulous and always prepared as a lawyer. He is a trusted advisor and extremely personable. Contact him if you need an excellent lawyer.


Tim Hobby

It's a very big decision choosing an attorney for a major life changing event such as a divorce. Cory was highly recommended from a friend. My ex and I had just recently split so I was still on the fence about what I should do. Cory didn't press me or push me into a rash decision but immediately looked out for my best interests with advice on the best course of action. Any change or bump in the road Cory was quick to act by getting in touch with me and advising on what to do next. He put his main focus on my case and we worked together to put forth the best argument we could make. In the end it worked out better than expected. If you're in a tough situation and looking for an attorney do not hesitate to contact Cory. Thanks again for everything.


Lisa Pierce

Cory is a great attorney! If you want to see fast results. He has the connections to make helping you get your license back in days verses weeks! Cory is knowledgeable about the traffic laws and does his best to get you the best outcome at the quickest possible way! Call Cory for your license and life back!


Client Testimonials
De Marko Taylor

Working with Cory for my case was the best decision I’ve ever made. I was extremely stressed at the start, but after meeting with Cory I knew I was in good hands. He was highly recommended by several other attorneys in the area that consider him one of the best trial attorneys in the County/Metro East. They were 100% correct. Cory made the entire divorce process easy. The hardest part of the process is the unknown, but Cory educated me throughout the entire process and every suggestion he made was absolutely right and advantageous to my case. His methods all made sense in the end and he truly works with his clients. There’s a reason he has stellar reviews and that’s because he is a stellar, competent, and extremely knowledgeable attorney in so many facets of the law. I’ve already recommended him to a couple of friends and will continue to champion him for his work and God forbid I ever need legal assistance again, Cory will be the first call I make. I really can’t say enough good things about Cory and Jess and words can’t express the gratitude I have for the work they’ve done. Again, he was recommended to me by many of his peers that would have taken my case, but they knew Cory would be able to give my case the attention and expertise it needed. If you’re looking for an attorney for any case, I would highly recommend you reach out to him immediately as it doesn’t get any better than his firm.


Chrissy Rasigliany

Cory Easton is an outstanding lawyer in the state of Illinois. I was detained on some laws that are given to citizens by the US constitution but Illinois doesn’t agree with. They (IL) also continued to make plea offers that weren’t acceptable to me and Cory returned to the DA and renegotiated several times until we got a sufficient punishment that fit (the crime). Not mentioning the constitution statute by name but everyone has a god given right to protect themselves. Illinois was ready to slap me with hard core, life changing charges and Cory worked magic to basically get all charges dropped to a misdemeanor and court cost. Also he uses modern technology such as sms messaging to ensure you are aware of upcoming court dates. Don’t take a chance with another lawyer go with a winner! Thank you. Cory


Jeffrey Austin

Cory is the best hands down! Always very responsive, knowledgeable and thorough. Thank you so much for all of your help I will continue to use and recommend for all legal issues!


Laura Parker

"Very thankful for Cory and his services! He is an exceptional attorney. Extremely knowledgeable, trustworthy and straight to the point. He always made me feel comfortable and I trusted his advice 100%. You definitely want Cory on your side!"


Sarah Swope

"Best lawyer around"


Cherie Lynn

Cory is top shelf! He is responsive, thorough and really listens. In the courtroom he has a commanding presence. I felt badly for opposing counsel. Look no further - call Cory!


Rob De Jarnette

"Cory is THE gold standard in St. Clair county attorneys, he is extremely well versed and capable in all areas of law (not just criminal defense, but also civil or family matters). The only question a person needing a lawyer should consider with Cory Easton is whether their matter requires such high capability and skill. (In my opinion, his skill and service would be much more than what is required of a seat belt ticket, for example) However, Cory does NOT know shoddy or half-hearted work, so if you hire him regardless of the issue, he puts the same effort and commitment to excellence forth in all matters. Cory is a very down to earth and caring guy. He makes himself very available to people, whether meeting in person, talking on the phone, or even texting by cell phone. His friendly and agreeable demeanor outside of the court room is in no way an indication of his extremely professional and commanding presence inside the court. When in court, Cory's level of knowledge and professionalism are readily obvious to anyone in his presence (including judges, other attorneys, DAs, ASAs, etc.) He is ALWAYS prepared and informed on the matters at hand, no fumbling with notes or having to tell someone that a given document is back at the office or in another file(I have witnessed this from OTHER attorneys, NEVER Cory). This level of preparation and knowledge, which is seemingly effortless, yields respect from all and can be almost intimidating.
Cory Easton is the cream of the cream, and while that level of quality DESERVES top rates, I have ALWAYS FOUND HIM TO BE MORE THAN GENEROUS WHEN IT COMES TO BILLING AND FINANCES. He knows his worth, but is more than willing to work with people and errors generously in favor of the client. He tends to "forget" a quick call, rather than round for his benefit, and I have never seen a text messaging charge on a bill, but I have sent and received countless of them with Cory. Cory Easton has the experience, professionalism, and work ethic that produces results for his clients. In addition, he knows St. Clair county and it's people and he understands the nuances. Cory knows the appropriate approach and actions that come from his knowledge, time, and experience in our county that simply can't be taught."


Tara Rice

"Very friendly staff...easily accessible location...parking wasn't too too problem answering questions and being very straight forward!"


Dc Tech

"Excellent Attorney! Straight forward and right to the point which is the way I prefer my attorney to be.."


"​Cory is great! Whether I would have won or lost, I have complete faith he did his best for me and it showed! He’s very up front and honest with you from day one! Extremely knowledgeable! He is easy to get a hold of, always returns calls and emails, and explains the process so you can understand it. Choose Cory and you won’t be disappointed!"  TG

5/16/2018 5:07 PM 

Great Attorney. Highly Recommend in Your Time of Need"

Cory provided outstanding legal counsel to our family. He provided us several options that allowed us to make an informed decision on how to proceed. We were also very pleased with his fair billing practices. We have had attorneys in the past who seemed to over charge for hours that we could not reconcile. Cory is very transparent in his approach, his practice and his billing. Most importantly, he gets the best results for his clients. We are 100% satisfied with Mr. Easton and would (and do) recommend him to everyone we know.

5.0 Stars Posted by CMH
April 28, 2015

Very Professional

Cory did an excellent job representing me in my divorce. He and his staff were great at explaining my rights as a father, walking me through every step of the way, and always considering how painful it was going through a divorce.

5.0 Stars Posted by Sean 
September 15, 2015

Fantastic Attorney!

I've know Cory for over twenty years. I have went to him for legal advice for a variety of issues - including criminal cases and family law. His advice is always honest and frank. I have referred many friends & family members to him over those twenty years- and I have always received very positive feedback. I personally know he is probably TOO accessible to clients and works his tail off preparing for court. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a great family law or criminal attorney- he will not disappoint.

5.0 Stars Posted by Anonymous 
May 8, 2015

Fantastic Lawyer Who Cares About His Clients and Their Well-Being. Detail Orientated and Fantastic Communication.....

Mr. Easton is a fantastic lawyer with an outstanding staff!!!! 
Went through a high conflict/high court battle and he was very professional and caring. Matter of fact he started to help us when I was 7,178 miles away in another country!!! He was very concerned about the well-being of two young children and making sure everyone’s voices were heard when other big name “lawyer companies” had said nothing could be done to help. My family and I are VERY VERY VERY happy that we hired Mr. Easton and his office. He is truly one of the GOOD GUYS and is well known in the local area to be a great lawyer! He and the staff are true professionals that CARE about everything that’s going on even down to the smallest detail. NEVER once was anything ignored, forgotten or unheard at all hours of the day and night. 100% attention to detail and doing the right things for his clients. In the end the case worked out perfectly and life is great. THANKS CORY!!!!!! I have recommended you often and will ALWAYS do so!!!!!!!

5.0 Stars Posted by Eriks 
April 28, 2015

Michael Bernstein

Cory did a great job for me. He was easy to work with and diligent in responding quickly to my questions, and ultimately got the result I wanted. I would unreservedly recommend his services to friends and family

5On Google, Oct 12, 2016

Shelly Stines

I highly recommend using Cory. My ex thought he was going to take me to the cleaners and "Thanks" to Corey, I received everything I wanted and then some. He kept me updated throughout the whole process (calls/emails) and worked with me on whatever it was that I had to provide him, so we were ready for court!!! If you're looking for someone that will get things done for you, call Cory!

5on Google, Jun 30, 201

Great Attorney that Can Help You in A Time of Need

Cory has been very helpful in providing counsel and resources for us during a very difficult time. One mistake should not ruin your life and Cory is the right attorney to make sure it doesn't. I would recommend calling him to discuss your case. He can probably help. If he can't, no-one can.

5.0 Stars Posted by Mike 
November 18, 2014

Chris McFarland

Cory worked in a very timely and professional manner, He did what he said he was going to do. He charged fairly and responded to my questions and concerns almost immediately or within a 24hr period. If I find myself in legal problems again Cory will be the first lawyer I call.

5★on Google, Jun 30, 2015