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Do you have a marital settlement agreement, parenting plan or custody order that requires you to attend mediation? Cory Easton has mediated hundreds of cases to help people resolve their mediation issues.  Cory Easton is qualified to mediate cases in St. Clair County, Madison County, Monroe County, and other surrounding counties in Southern Illinois.  Cory Easton wants to help you resolve your mediation issues without going back to court, which can cost you money and take up your valuable time. He is regularly appointed by judges to mediate cases for people that need a resolution to their mediation issues. Cory Easton has decades of experience in family law and divorce cases.  You need the best mediation lawyer in Belleville, Illinois, and surrounding counties to mediate your case. Call now to schedule a free ten-minute consultation with mediation lawyer Cory Easton. Contact us today!

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