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Why Don’t You Specialize in One Area of The Law? 

I hear all the time that lawyers, and even other professionals, need to concentrate in one area of their profession.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  A lawyer that handles many types of cases is called a “general practitioner”. Abraham Lincoln was a general practitioner. I have clients that need advice concerning divorce, traffic tickets, DUI, business law, personal injury cases, contracts, estate planning, civil litigation and a lot more.  I made it a point in my law career to really learn and hone my skills in many different areas.  I also have a network of other attorneys and professionals, such as CPA’s, investigators, process servers, DNA experts and custody experts that I consult with and sometimes refer clients to. My clients deserve someone who can guide them in all types of legal situations.  If I can’t handle it, I will get you to someone I trust to take care of your legal issue.  

Real Life Example of Why a General Practioner Is Best for You 

The following fact pattern has occurred many times over my legal career.  A client (let’s call him Ned) comes into the office for a divorce consultation. When he gets to the office, he tells me his wife has filed an order of protection stating Ned has abused her.  He denies the allegations. Some divorce lawyers will not handle the order of protection as it requires a lot of preparation, and the case will be litigated in court.

Some lawyers do not like contentious court battles.  If the order of protection is granted, Ned will lose his FOID card and other bad things can happen. Ned also had a DUI as the divorce hit him hard. I have handled hundreds of divorces, DUI’s, and orders of protection. Ned now has three different types of legal problems, with three different judges in three different courtrooms. Ned hired me for all three cases so Ned is in good hands.  

Ned’s legal problems are eventually handled to his satisfaction.  Later, he is getting remarried.  He wants a prenuptial agreement this time around as the earlier divorce taught him a prenup is key to avoiding messy and expensive litigation. He also wants to discuss a will and trust and engage in estate planning. My office handled the prenuptial agreement, and I referred Ned to a colleague who is the “best in the business” when it comes to estate planning.   

A few years down the road, one of Ned’s kids from his first marriage did not take the divorce very well.  He started hanging out with the wrong crowd and got into drugs.  He was eventually charged with a felony case of drug possession as drugs were found in a car his son was a passenger in. Ned called me right away to get legal advice.  He was relieved when I told him that I have handled thousands of felonies over the years. Ned told me later he did not want to have to meet and hire a new lawyer as he already had a good relationship with my office and trusted me.  

Ned’s story is not unique.  My office wants to help you, your family and friends. I want to be a trusted adviser that my clients can go to in their times of trouble. That’s what the best lawyers do; they help you through tough times so you can enjoy the better days ahead.