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How Can You Represent Guilty People in A Criminal Case? 

I get this question all the time. The best lawyers know that it is not their job to judge their client’s guilt or innocence. That job is for the judge or jury. It is my job to be loyal to my client and make sure they are treated fairly. The Sixth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States guarantees criminal defendants the right to an attorney. The legal system is an adversarial process, which means both sides fight for their client.  I am hired to protect my client and do my very best in court to win the case. I have hundreds of criminal trials under my belt and rarely lose. My office will work overtime, on holidays and Sundays, if necessary, to prepare and win your criminal case. 

Innocent until Proven Guilty 

You may have heard the phrase, “innocent until proven guilty.”  However, that phrase is not always true.  People ask me all the time, how can I be charged with a crime just because someone said I did it? The answer is that the police are overworked and have a lot of cases to investigate.  When called to investigate a crime, they may make judgments calls in minutes and decide who is telling the truth, even though they do not personally know the person making the allegations.  A brief story about a case I handled will show you what I mean.  

Real Life Example of Why I Represent so Called “Guilty People” 

I have handled many first-degree murder cases in my career. In one of those cases, my client was charged with first degree murder and the State of Illinois was seeking the death penalty.  My client was found in a car, miles away from the scene of the crime. He was driving with a friend and his girlfriend to Canada. He had no idea that the “friend” he was with had committed a murder just hours before. The police pulled over the car and he was arrested for first degree murder. 

The police believed they had an airtight case. They thought the physical evidence pointed towards my client’s guilt.  Under police questioning, my client repeatedly denied being involved in the murder. His “friend” initially denied my client was involved in the murder. However, the police offered him a “deal” and his story changed. He finally relented to police pressure and fingered my client.  

Another attorney and I handled the case together. We both have a lot of experience in first degree murder cases. We immediately asked for the crime scene to be preserved and we hired a crime scene investigator. We also hired a private investigator.  

We met with our client in jail, who was scared to death.  He was literally shaking and crying. He was young, in handcuffs and had no idea why he was in jail. He insisted he was innocent.  By that time, the story had broke on television and in the papers.  Of course, the news coverage showed him in an orange jumpsuit and in handcuffs being led to jail. All the public saw was that the police arrested a young man who was accused of murder. He was now “guilty until proven innocent.” The police wouldn’t arrest someone, handcuff them and throw him in jail if he was innocent, would they? 

The State’s Attorney was convinced he was guilty also.  The judge, before hearing a scrap of evidence, set his bond at one million dollars.  Our client was going to be in jail for the foreseeable future. That is when we got to work. Our crime scene investigator found fatal flaws in the police work.  Our private investigator found issues with the timeline and physical evidence.  We re-interviewed witnesses and poured over the police reports.   

We proved that our client was innocent. The police had stopped investigating the case once charges were filed. Nobody but the defense team and his family cared about our client or whether he was guilty or innocent. No one was working for him except us. And it was only because we had an experienced team of lawyers and investigators that that young man is free today.  All the charges were dismissed, and he now lives a healthy and happy life. That is why I represent all my clients to the best of my ability; I do not know when they hire me if they are guilty or innocent.  My job is to use all my experience, in and out of the court room, to represent my clients with fire and vigor. My firm is ready to do that for you or your loved one.