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Should I File for Divorce Before my Spouse?

Filing for divorce first, also known as being the "petitioner," may provide several benefits in a divorce case:

1.    Control over the timeline: By initiating the divorce process, the petitioner may have more control over the timeline of the case. They can choose when to file, how quickly to move forward with the case, and may be able to set deadlines for the other spouse to respond or take action.

2.    Choice of jurisdiction: If spouses live in different states, the petitioner can choose where to file for divorce, potentially selecting a jurisdiction that is more favorable to their case.

3.    Strategic advantage: Being the first to file may give the petitioner a strategic advantage in the case, as they can set the tone for negotiations and potentially gain the upper hand in settlement discussions.

4.    Psychological advantage: Filing first may also provide a psychological advantage, as it allows the petitioner to take control of the situation and feel like they are being proactive in addressing the issues at hand.